NGSPA Quail Championship
Presented by the Lone Star GSP Club

2007 NGSPA Quail Championship By Andy Gerdes

January 24 -31, 2007 

While most of the country was gripped by brutal wintry weather Ardmore Oklahoma and the Lake Murray Field Trial grounds were beautiful and for those of us that ventured here we were all well rewarded with great weather, excellent competition, wonderful facilities and gracious hospitality.  

We would like to start this report by thanking all the people that worked so hard and so long to get the new facilities at Ardmore completed.  The new building, the Doug Emde Pavillion, provides a much needed shelter that adds the final component to these fantastic grounds.  We all realize the difficulty it is to find and hold on to good field trial grounds.  With the continued support from the State of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Field Trial Association the Lake Murray Field Trial Grounds will continue to be one of the bastions we cherish for the future. We would also like to thank the Weimeriner Club of America for their generous financial contribution that made this facility possible for our sport. 

We would also like to thank all those that helped on Amateur Weekend with the fantastic food and hospitality that make this more than just a dog competition.  Thanks to Debbie Gerdes and Kathleen Barbee for all their help putting together the Amateur night banquet, which was very generously sponsored by Purina and is always the pinnacle of the hospitality and entertainment for the event.  A special note to Pat Lamantia from Purina whose support for what we do is always appreciated and with Pat’s patience and diligence it always gets done.  We want to thank, as always, David Vogelsang our resident camp cook and all of the others from the Lone Star German Shorthaired Pointer Club for there help.  We also want to affirm our appreciation to all other Texas Clubs – the Gulf Coast German Shorthaired Pointer Club and San Antonio Shorthaired Pointer Club for their support and participation in this event. 

Along with Purina we would also like to thank BassPro for their continued support by provided all of the judges gifts and to CHA Management for their very generous contribution.

 Judges – Dick Wilber and Grant Stanfill

The Shooting Dog started early Wednesday morning with the temperature crisp and sky bright warming nicely in the afternoon.

 Brace 1 
The first brace of the event featured James Messer with Anne’s Little Stinker, (Chloe), and Ronnie Sale handling Tru Blu’s (Yoda).   With temperatures in the upper 30’s and a light breeze, the brace was off.  Yoda quickly demonstrated his speed and range but birds early on the course soon challenged his day as he was spotted on a far edge under them going away.  Chloe continued her impeccable legacy by putting in another spectacular run.   Her gliding and powerful race showed well with three solid finds showing why she is constantly regarded as one the best. By taking the edges to the limits with good speed and elegant style, she showed the rest of the field how to effectively negotiate the undulating characteristic of the lake-lined course.

Brace 2
The second brace included Vogelsang’s Toby Von Blitzkrieg, (Toby), handled by James Messer and Rexx’s Maximum Scoop, (Max), guided by Ronnie Sale.  Max started strong and independent and showed well to the front but was soon erratic is his run and handling and became a chore.  Not showing the judges what they needed, Max was picked up putting an end to his day. Toby, on the other hand, was not to be out done by his littermate, Chloe, in the first brace.  He was powerful in his run with robust style, and he applied his skills appropriately to the conditions of the course.   His three quality finds while working objectives well impressed the judges but ended with some inconsistency in his run and his range.

Brace 3
The third brace presented Bitter Sweets Hunting Buddy,  (Buddy), shown by Ronnie Sale, who revealed early the power he possesses but it was soon his down fall as he was lost to the handler running his own race on an unidentified course.  MSR’s Wants to be a Wizard, (Ron), handled by the busy James Messer also had a short day after a short but exciting start and he was seen in the far distance under birds going away.

Brace 4
Free Flights Bosefus, (Hank, Jr.), conducted by Ronnie Sale, turned in the performance of the day with a tremendous forward run and unimpeachable style.  Great ground speed, superb handling and considered application rewarded the team with an excellent find and the opportunity to demonstrate his staunch manners. All this great effort was lost at 50 minutes when Hank Jr. decided deer were a more rewarding pursuit than the quail.  His brace mate, Chocolate Mousses’ Freckles, (Freckles), handled by Gene Mason is a young dog that possesses great potential and chose to use the day as a learning experience when found under birds at two minutes. 

Brace 5
The fifth brace displayed (ESPA), handled by Ronnie Sale.  ESPA’a day was short lived as an unknown medical issue caused her to break off her run and retreat to her handler for assistance. Her brace mate, Uodibar’s Old Blood and Guts, (Patton), presented by Gene Mason broke away fast and hard to the far edge and never looked back.  Gene searched in vain but lost him only to find him at camp later.

Brace 6
Trees Panhandle Sam, (Sam), in the sixth brace handled by Ronnie Sale, running alone, was off in flash running briskly to the edges moving forward with his youth and vigor only to be quickly confronted with the object of the game – birds – which caused the end to his sparkling run.

Brace 7
Free Flights Mrs. Molly, (Molly), handled by Ronnie Sale and running alone performed a very nice medium race and stayed very busy to the front, while producing two nice finds that were well mannered and rewarded her.

Brace 8
TH Monkee’s Spider, (Spider), day was exciting but short as the Judges topped the first hill only to find him under birds and moving away.

The Judges had very little to decide to determine the outcome of the stake and awarded first place to James Messer with Anne’s Little Stinker (Chloe) and second place to her litter mate Vogelsang’s Toby Von Blitzkrieg, (Toby), handled again by James Messer.  Congratulations to James, Toby and Chloe for a well deserved win.


Judges – Dick Wilber and Grant Stanfill

The Derby is always a place that showcases the excitement of new talent and this one was not a disappointment. All of the young dogs in this field showed great potential and will most certainly be contenders in the future.

Brace 1
Free Flights Bubba, (Bubba), with Ronnie Sale at the helm, stayed very busy at shorter range.  He covered ground well with good application while G&N’s Chloe’s Shelter Belt, (Echo), handled by Gene Mason showed outstanding range, ground speed and application.  Both dogs were birdless.

Brace 2
G&N US Patriot Act, (Spy), enjoyed hearing the wind whistle but lacked course application and was birdless.  MSR’s Crystal Blue Persuasion, (Crystal), impressed the Judges with the mature application of her speed and range to the Lake Murray course.  She ran forward the entire brace and had a very stylish, well-mannered find.

Brace 3
MSR’s Opalescence, (Opal), handled by James Messer, and Free Flights Yellow Rose of Texas, (Rosy), worked by Ronnie Sale both worked at shorter range and were birdless.

Brace 4
Free Flights Cowgirl, (Dixie), running alone guided by Ronnie Sale, had a nice well controlled medium range brace.  She covered the edges and dug into the brush when it was appropriate.  She was compensated well by three stylishly managed find.

 Placements:              (1) MSR’s Crystal Blue Persuasion, (Crystal)

                (2)    Free Flights Cowgirl,  (Dixie)

                (3)    Echo


Judges – Dick Wilber and Tom Lovett


The Amateur started on Saturday morning with the temperature at 45 and falling.  The weather was clear in the morning but became overcast as the temperature began to fall in the afternoon. 

Brace 1
The first brace of the day included Bar-B’s Slick Rebel, (Hoss), gave an acceptable performance with two finds but fading at the end.  Texas Practical Magic, (Hermonie), presented by Gene Mosley, performed in her usual graceful and stylish manner.  Her effective application and cooperative nature are always inspiring to watch.  The concert between handler and dog in the brace were what most of us only dream.  She worked at a closer range than her brace mate but much more effectively with five very stylish finds.

Brace 2
James Messer’s MSR’s Wants to be a Wizard, (Ron), found birds way to soon and left them scared and scattered. Uodibar’s Old Blood and Guts, (Patton), handled superbly by Gene Mason, delivered some very nice casts, excellent speed and although he shortened slightly at the end, he delivered a very effective performance with four staunch stylish finds.

Brace 3
In the third brace of the day Vogelsang’s Toby Von Blitzkrieg, (Toby), gave an outstanding showing to the front with excellent ground speed and three beautiful well spaced quality finds.  Texas Cassino’s Mad Cash, (Cash), handled by Terry Bomer gave a nice performance with medium range and three finds along the edges.

Brace 4
Trees Panhandle Sam, (Sam), shown by Chad Baum demonstrated future potential but today lacked manners on his birds.  Anne’s Little Stinker, (Chloe), piloted by James Messer did an excellent job at medium range along the edges with speed, classy style and six solid finds.

Brace 5
Texas Flying Wizard, (Harry), handled by Gene Moseley in the fifth brace was an extremely fun dog to watch giving a highly animated and joyful performance.  He was rewarded with three stylish finds along the edges.  Slick’s Cajun Desire (Callie) handled by Blake Biggs also presented a quality performance but a little less consistent in her application however her four finds were stylish.

Brace 6
Free Flights Mrs. Molly and Tonelli’s Little Stinker, (Dixie), both had off days and were picked up.

Brace 7
Chocolate Mousses’ Freckles, (Freckles), handled by Gene Mason and Terry Bomer with RHR Texas Maid in the Shade, (Shady), were both showing nice ground speed and range until they decided to work together on putting birds in the air and ended the day for both of them.

The judges rewarded first place and the best of the day to Vogelsang’s Toby Von Blitzkrieg, (Toby), handled by James Messer and Uodibar’s Old Blood and Guts, (Patton), handled by Gene Mason.  Congratulations to both dogs and handler teams for an excellent performance that was appreciated by all.  We all extend special congratulations to Gene Mason for his first Championship award.



Judges – James Messer and Gene Moseley

The All Age started bright and early Sunday morning with the weather crisp and clear. 

Brace 1
The first brace featured Ronnie Sale and his
Free Flights Bosefus, (Hank, Jr.), and Duchess Cassidy’s Sundance Kid, (Dance), handled by Andy Gerdes.  This brace started fast and furious with a divided find in less than ten minutes. Each dog continued with brisk forward runs and three more finds each.  Hank Jr’s. performance was eyed by the judges as he covered the ground with style and power.  While he was a serious contender as in the Open Shooting Dog, deer were the downfall and he left the course at about 50 minutes only to show up at camp an hour later.

Brace 2
Running alone in brace two was TH Monkee’s Silver, (Silver), handled by Ronnie Sale and had a great run with good speed, intelligent application and mature style.   He had birds at 14, 19, and 50 with one non productive at 30.  Silver ran a very nice flowing and progress race through the course with purpose and style.

Brace 3
Brace three featured Bitter Sweet’s Hunting Buddy, (Buddy), handled by Ronnie Sale.  Buddy was to the edges and far forward but in about 10 minutes was picked up by the handler for fowl misconduct.

Brace 4
Bar-B’s Slick Rebel, (Hoss), handled by Ronnie Sale did an excellent job out on the course with two nice well mannered finds, one at 12 minutes and the other at 30.  Hoss used his youthful energy and vigor to impress the judges by hitting the edges and staying forward like a good all age dog should.  His immaturity did betray him somewhat by the lack of continuity in his application to the rolling course.

Brace 5
Brace 5 featured the young and the old with the youthful
Tonelli’s Little Stinker, (Dixie), handled by Harvey Franco and the mature always-graceful Duchess Cassidy, (Cassie), escorted by Andy Gerdes.  Dixie blazed to the front with fantastic speed and flowing style until about 20 minutes when she met the challenge of handling her first bird which was something less than successful.  Cassie, on the other hand, worked at a more deliberate pace covering the course with experience and style having a non productive at 5 minutes, a well mannered find at 17 and a non productive at 22.  With non productives in mind, the handler picked the darling up at 25.

 The Judges decision was first place to TH Monkee’s Silver, (Silver), handled by Ronnie Sale and second place was to Bar-B’s Slick Rebel, (Hoss), handled by Ronnie Sale.  Congratulations to Ronnie Sale as the handler, to Tom Hudson as the owner of Silver and to Will Barbee the owner of Hoss.

2007 Results

Open Shooting Dog

Annie's Little Stinker "Cloe"                                
Owner's - James and Sarah Messer
Handler - James Messer

Runner Up Champion
Vogelsang's Toby Von Blitz "Toby" 
Owner(s) - David Vogelsang/James Messer
Handler- James Messer

Derby Classic
1st - MSR’s Crystal Blue Persuasion, (Crystal)
Owner/Handler James Messer

2nd - Ruby
Owner/Handler - Ronnie Sale

3rd - G & N's Echo
Owner/Handler Gene Masson

Amateur Shooting Dog

Vogelsang's Toby Von Blitz "Toby" 
Owner(s) - David Vogelsang/James Messer
Handler- James Messer

Runner Up Champion
Uodibar's Old Blood and Gut's "Patton"
Owner(s) - Gene & Nicki Masson
Handler - Gene Masson

Amateur Champions

(L-R Standing Will Barbee, James Messer. Below Gen Masson w/Patton, David Vogelsang w/Toby)

All Age

TH Monkee Silver
Owner - Tom Hudson
Handler - Ronnie Sale

Runner Up Champion
Bar-B's Slick Rebel "Hoss"
Owner - Will Barbee
Handler - Ronnie Sale

All Age Champions

L-R:  James Messer (judge), Will Barbee w/Hoss,  Ronnie Sale w/Silver, Gene Moseley (judge)


Will Barbee presenting James Messer the Amateur Shooting Dog trophy along with a very nice Christie saddle. 

RU Bar-B's Slick Rebel "Hoss", CH TH Monkee's Silver "Silver"

Amateur Night Fun!

Kathleene Barbee and Debbie Gerdes try to cheer up David Vogelsang.
 After a repeat of last years Amt Championship win, and a RU in this years OSD, David V is living large! 
Together with  James Messer, they're two dogs (Cloe and litter mate Toby) have  literally owned Amateur 
stakes in this part of the country.

Will Barbee (L) presenting Gene Masson with one of those beautiful NGSPA trophies for taking 
RU honors in the Amt Shooting Dog with Patton. Nice job Gene!  

Chad Baum and friends trying to thaw out .

"Two dad gum years in a row!"

It's always a good time when our friends from the Gulf Coast GSP club make it up to our events. 
Seated from left are Terry and Kirk Bomer as well as Gene Moseley who was good enough to judge a 
nice group of All Age dogs this year.